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Big Balls Studio — creating visual appearance for your product and business

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3D services

Using three dimensional graphic any complex mechanism or idea can be presented in more easy and simple for your customers.

More detail:

1. 3D Modeling
2. Visualization
3. UW mapping and Texturing
4. Rigging characters
5. Game ready models
6. Animation

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Video manufacturing

We help your audience understand your product. By using video you can better and faster explain your advantages among the competitors.

More detail:

1. Motion graphics
2. Explainer video
3. Commercial video
4. Video presentations
5. Digital content

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Still images

In one image we can pack all features of your business. And by using this image you can engage more people attention to your brand.

More detail:

1. Internet  banners
2. Animated adverts
3. All types of printed products
And other static ad…

Get a tool to promote your business

We have designed large city with multiple buildings, cars and other things. With this package we can create one video to explain your business for your target audience, two times faster and 50% cheaper, because all asset are already done.

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How we work
We do not suggest you to pay and forget. This way you will not get desirable result.
We are showing you the process of work so you can understand and control it to get the best result.
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Our clients
Don’t just take only our word. Check out our previous feedback from UpWork
Vlad and Peter are very talented. We had a misunderstanding but it got solved. They were very flexible when they had to be and that made a difference in delivering and finishing the project. Besides that they are capable and willing.
Christian Olsen, on LinkedIn
The finished animation is beautiful, creative, and filled with high-quality custom assets! The animator stayed in constant communication throughout the project and worked extremely hard to meet our tight deadlines!
Izzy Traub, on LinkedIn
Great to work with, skilled and delivered beyond expectations on a tough project (two previous attempts with other contractors on this project had failed). Thanks very much for great work. Look forward to working together again.
Alexandra Clark, on LinkedIn
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About us

What is Big Balls Studio

We are a studio that creates visual effects for different areas of marketing. Since the end of 2013 we have been carrying out projects of various levels of difficulty for companies around the world. Our designers are experts in their fields and will help you create the best content for your business. We believe that even the best idea with poor visualization will go unnoticed – or fail to bring it to life. The main parties are Vlad Horiliy (3D visualizer and designer) and Peter Harazha (manager and a motion designer). 
We do not just do our job, we really love it. We invest maximum effort in each project – we strive for business success but also personal satisfaction from each job. At any time we are open to cooperation. We can easily advise you on any question and provide the best solution to your problem.

Our skills

3d services 90%
Web design 70%
Video and motion graphic 90%
Illustrations 80%
Print media 90%
Hour’s of design
Cups of Coffee

Vlad Horilyi

3D artist and Co-founder

Vlad is one of the best in 3D design. He is also a co-founder. Burgeoning not only in one direction and having a degree and certification he can control almost all in 3D sphere (starting from models for 3D printing and ending with development based on Unity 3d). His slogan: “Everything that you can imagine I can visualize in 3D”

Peter Garazha

Motion designer and Manager

Meet Peter. He is one of the co-founders of the company. He is great motion designer and talented manager. His phone can’t be silenced even for 20 minutes. Pete sets up the work process of many projects finding developers and designers(he’s the one who knows someone who knows someone). He is that person that can help you realize any of your idea.

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